More than 20 years ago Norwalk Electronics designed and tested the first version of our Dominator NWE-34 pictured in this link: 1996 Dominator Test Antenna. Since day one, we have guaranteed to provide the most range per watt as compared to any other FM broadcast antenna you can buy regardless of its cost. If you’re not satisfied within 30 days of receiving your antenna, simply return it for a refund. We’re not satisfied with the sale until you’re satisfied with the antenna. The NWE-34 in an easy to install high gain alternative to multi bay antennas that is economical and requires minimal tower mounting space. It is approved for Translator, Booster, Non-Commercial, LPFM or Auxiliary/Backup use by the FCC and Industry Canada. Another benefit is these antennas produce significantly less downward radiation than typical “Circular Polarized” (CP) models, making them ideal for complying with new safety regulations limiting RF exposure levels.

After more than 2000 installations worldwide, Norwalk Electronics is introducing the new 250 watt, low power version of the popular Dominator antenna. All of the performance, mechanical construction, metal tubing and durability of this antenna are exactly the same as our higher power versions. Only the RF components have been resized to conservatively handle the new power rating. Under powered stations can now double their ERP with a single antenna having a Power Gain of 2 (3dbd) for about $250. The 250 watt model is exclusively offered on this factory direct website. You can view the antenna under independent testing while being assaulted with a water hose directly on the matching network at the following YouTube link: Intense Rain Test. All FM antenna sales include free tuning to your frequency.

The original Dominator NWE-34 is the only non-directional high gain FM broadcast antenna recognized by the FCC and Industry Canada. All the competition has to offer is unity gain at best per antenna bay and half of that on all CP models. The Dominator FM antenna is listed on the CDBS database and can be found by searching “FCC antenna model NWE-34”. Over the years we have turned many skeptics into believers after they test the antenna. Our 30-day money back performance guarantee has always been in place to gain your confidence. The 3-year warranty against any manufacturing defects is in place to retain your confidence after the sale.

As more and more stations crowd the FM band, many new stations have been forced to comply with tough regulations regarding adjacent channel interference to existing stations. In some cases it requires engineers submitting site specific detailed information to the FCC regarding the stations 60 dBu signal contour. Since this information must document the Transmitter Power Output used to reach the assigned ERP and produce the 60 dBu contour map, it provides us an opportunity to examine the antennas performance and suitability in the field at FCC licensed installations.

The following stations are some examples that have this information on file with the FCC using the NWE-34 antenna which can be viewed by clicking on their call sign links: call sign link. KSRP, KPRG, KPGB, KWSI, WCRX, KTRJ, WZDK, KFZR, KHJJ, KLHG, WOGU, KXUT, WWND, KCDI, WOZW, KPKX, WOZO, KPAD, WBWT (previously licensed as WEZG), 4kw backup site for KOLG, WVET, KQRP, KNIU, KVGD, WQJT, KMRD, WHMZ, KZYY, WMSF, KEIM, WYZK, KEWT, WMDI, KAVZ, WSGQ, WDZK, KIVD, K234AQ, K229CV, K271AH, K249EN, K268CN, and K265DW. The 60 dBu FCC signal contour specification shown on these main pages is a very powerful local signal that does not represent the stations full usable range. Computer models of the total estimated coverage are based off the actual 60 dBu data on file with the FCC and show range all the way through the distant fringe zone. To view those maps click on the “Show Advanced Coverage Map” link once you’re on the stations main page.

When you compare the TPO against the licensed ERP producing this coverage and factor in the variable of transmission line loss, the gain of the NWE-34 becomes obvious. Stations are able to run their Transmitter Power Output at little more than half the power of their licensed ERP while still filling their 60 dBu coverage area with a single bay antenna. This power gain requires two or four bays when using other antennas. K265DW is a unique case where a Translator was originally operating at half power into a unity gain antenna to prevent interference to another station to their Southwest. When they switched to the high gain NWE-34 in 2015, they had to relocate the Translator site to the Northeast to maintain the protected contour using the same Transmitter Power Output that now covered a larger area with the new antenna. This stations “License to Cover” file BLFT-0150803AD contains a Technical Exhibit, Interference Exhibit and RF Exposure Worksheet.

Whether you need a single antenna for a low power station or need to stack multiple NWE-34 antenna bays for a 50 kw station, the Dominator antenna has the ability to replace any existing configuration while providing twice the Power Gain of a dipole and 4 times that of a CP antenna. This produces a noticeable increase in coverage area anytime the Transmitter Power Output does not need to be reduced to stay within existing ERP limits when the new Dominator is installed. Another way to look at this is choosing the Dominator antennas allows the station operator to use a transmitter with roughly half the power output or install half the number of antennas to reach the same ERP level of our competitors. These comparisons are referenced against the unity gain dipole. When compared to a Circular Polarized antenna with -3 dbd, the NWE-34 has four times the power gain. All CP antennas will cut the Effective Radiated Power of your transmitter in half while one NWE-34 antenna will double your ERP. To view an independent report on the optimum polarization for FM antennas, please click on the following link: Polarization Info.

We often receive questions asking about how antenna polarization affects a stations range. There are lots of variables that affect range but polarization alone, is not one. Many LPFM stations report that the NWE-34 provides more distant coverage to vehicles when compared to CP antennas that were operating at the same ERP level. That doesn’t make sense on paper until we look at what’s happening in the field. The most common reason is that CP (and dipole) antennas are mounted from their center and require the support structure to be inline with the antennas. The NWE-34 has multiple mounting options and does not require the tower to be obstructing its line of sight or cause reflections and distortion in the pattern. That is a definite, legal advantage. For more information regarding how your choice of antenna polarization can impact the gain, Effective Radiated Power and range of your station, please follow this link: Range & Polarization.

Curious as to how the Dominator NWE-34 FM Transmitter Antenna achieves a Power Gain of 2 with +3db over a dipole? The simple answer is due to the fact it’s not one element radiating. This antenna design has a “non apparent collinear effect” as quoted from L. B. Cebik. Allowing the entire antenna length to radiate in a constructive phase. For technical details on the Dominator FM broadcast antenna including an analysis of the radiation currents, please click on the following link: Dominator Specs.

Today our original product has had people attempt to copy its design from China, to a rouge distributor in Slovenia. One has even become deceptive enough to market their inferior counterfeits using the actual Dominator name. They have all done a much better job of plagiarizing the written specifications for the NWE-34 than they have of copying any antenna that could reproduce them. None will match the longevity, performance or money back satisfaction guarantee that the genuine Dominator provides. For information regarding the differences noted with these counterfeits and feedback from customers tricked into buying them, please click on the following link: Dominator vs. Clone

Purchasing on this factory direct website insures you’ll receive the genuine Dominator NWE-34 antenna and not a counterfeit that’s difficult to tune and could burn out your transmitter. All antennas are sold with a unique serial number (verifiable by email) that entitles you to free access to our expert technical staff and money back guarantee. Antennas purchased on this site receive free factory tuning with detailed instructions for quick retuning in the field should a frequency change be needed in the future. Our antennas and supplied tuning charts have the accuracy required to retune within minutes using just a tape measure. To assist you in determining if this antenna is the right choice for your application please click here: Right Antenna?

Since the Dominator NWE-34 FM Broadcast Antenna concentrates all of its radiation currents in the vertical polarization, you must first check to insure your license does not require equal horizontal component be present. The USA is exclusively behind the times in this area because we developed the FM band before radios were portable or placed in vehicles where horizontal coverage is extremely limited beyond the local range.