6 Meter 5/8 Wave

6M Repeater Antenna
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This antennas is not for FM broadcast use.

This high performance heavy duty 6 meter antenna was specifically designed to handle the demanding requirements for repeater use. With a base diameter of 1-3/4 inches and nearly 1/8 thick high grade 6061 magnesium alloy aluminum tubing. Its large open frame matching transformer easily handles 1.5 KW of RF power. The wide bandwidth of the 5/8 wave design provides under 1.5:1 VSWR over the entire 50 to 54 MHz. band with a perfect match at its tuned frequency. The “virtual mirror” ground plane system utilizes eight 1/4 wave ground radials to insure the highest efficiency possible.

For years there have been many home brew projects to construct similar antennas but no high quality versions have been commercially available until now. This is the perfect antenna for a 6 meter repeater project or high performance base station installations. Norwalk Electronics guarantees no single other 6 meter omni directional antenna in production can outperform this 5/8 wave.

Several close pictures of the antenna are provided in an effort to clearly show the quality of construction used. 10 gauge enameled copper wire is used in the RF transformer wound for maximum efficiency on 6 meters. The alloy tubing is drawn and cemented onto the coil form during assembly. The aluminum tubing is also riveted through the coil form for maximum strength and the RF connections are insured by hex set screws machined into the aluminum hubs. The coax connector has both a lower and upper weather seal to prevent water from migrating into the coax line. The 8 radials show the brass inserts added for durability while the opposite ends have PVC caps cemented in place.

Some comments by recent customers.

I purchased this antenna about a month ago and couldn’t be happier. This thing is built like a tank. The tuning steps are clearly marked on the top radiator, and it was right on at 50.125 as set up. No adjustment necessary to get a virtual 1:1 swr. There haven’t been many big 6m openings in the last few weeks, but I turned the radio on to 6 this evening and have worked quite a few new grids including XE1KK in EK09 from my home in Wisconsin (EN55). That’s over 3000 km on a mediocre opening. Yes, I know a beam would give me more gain, but this thing is sitting in a tripod on the roof of my garage. No rotor, nothing fancy, just a great vertical. I have used it on fm for 6m repeaters as well, and it is broadbanded enough that when I go from 50.125 ssb to 52.830 fm, my swr meter doesn’t budge. Great product, KC9JCH.

Got the 6-meter Dominator in. I am amazed – from the time I opened the box. The antenna went together in less than 10 minutes. Was in the air in another 10 minutes. Whoever gave thought to the assembly of this antenna is a genius! Great contacts on FM and SSB. SWR is fantastic. Antenna is outperforming any 6 meter vertical, I believe, on the market. N4YR is using one on his Sauratown Mountain machine, 53.310, 100 tone. It has a big footprint. Thanks so much for making an excellent product. 73’s WA4ZCE.

More unbiased reviews can be found on eham.net by clicking on the underlined link.

Technical Specifications

  • Model : Dominator 6M
  • Type : 5/8 Wave Ground Plane
  • Frequency Range : 50 – 54 MHz
  • Impedance : 50 Ohm Unbalanced
  • Radiation (H-plane) : 360 degree onmi
  • Gain : 2 dBd or 4.15 dbi
  • Bandwidth @ VSWR <1.5:1 : 4000 KHz
  • VSWR @ res. freq. : 1.1:1
  • Max Power : 1500 Watts
  • Max Wind Speed : > 85 MPH.
  • Feed System : Transformer DC-Ground
  • Connector Type : UHF Female
  • Height (approx.) : 13 Feet
  • Weight : 10 Pounds
  • Mounting Mast : 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 Inch
Other Photos (Click Image for a Closer View)
Base Coil

Base Mount

Radial Inserts